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Coven Ashesh Hekat
Living Quarters

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"A driving thirst for Knowledge is the forerunner of Wisdom. Knowledge is a state that all life possesses. Wisdom is the reward of the Spirit, gained in the search for Knowledge." - Robert Cochrane

Coven Ashesh Hekat was founded on April 12, 1986 by four Initiates of three 1734 Covens. It is composed of a very diverse group of people. Initiates of the Coven spring from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from Ceremonial Magick to Feminist Theology. All share a mutual interest in study, research and personal growth. Main topics of research include (but are not limited to) Custom, Folklore and Mythology of the British Isles, the History of the Craft in the US and Britain and the growth and development of the 1734 Tradition in the US.

Our true calling is to 1734, although we tend to be outwardly eclectic, serving our community with public ritual, workshops and by helping with the facilitation of community events.

The group is active in the Southern California Community and several of its members have served the Covenant of the Goddess as Officers, both on a Local and National level. There are currently fifteen members.

Visit the Wychwood Temple for more information about the 1734 Tradition.

Visit the following site for information about Covenant of the Goddess.

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The Rede (for 1734)

Festival Celebrations


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