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Polyolbion (1622)
(extract from Drayton's)

And in some open place that to the sun doth lie,
He fumitory gets, and eye-bright for the eye
The yarrow, wherewithall he stops the wound-made gore,
The healing tutsan, and plantane for a sore;
And hard by them again he holy vervain finds,
Which he about his head that hath the megrin binds.
The wonder working dill he gets not far from these,
Which curious women use in many a nice disease.
For them that are with newts, or snakes, or adders stung,
He seeketh out an herb that's called adder's tongue,
As nature it ordained, its own like hurt to cure.
And sportive did herself to niceties insure.
Valerian then he crops, and purposely doth stamp,
T'apply unto the place that's haled with the cramp;
As centary to close the wideness of a wound;
The belly hurt by birth, by mugwort to make sound.
His chickweed cures the heat that to the face doth rise;
For physic, some again he inwardly applies.
For comforting the spleen and liver gets for juice
Pale hore-hound, which he holds of most especial use.
So saxifrage is good, and harts-tongue for the stone,
With agrimony and that herb we call St. John.
To him that hath a flux, of shepherd's purse he gives,
And mouse-ear unto him whom some sharp rupture grieves.
And for the labouring wretch that's troubled with a cough,
Or stopping of the breath, by phlegm that's hard and tough,
Campana here he crops, approved wondrous good;
As comfrey unto him that's bruised, spitting blood;
And from the falling-ill, by five leaf doth restore.
And melancholy cures by sovereign hellebore.
Of these most helpful herbs yet tell we but a few,
To those unnumbered sorts of simples here that grew.
Which justly to set down, even Dodon short doth fall;
Nor skilful Gerarde yet, shall ever find them all.

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