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Heartsease, Wild Pansy
Viola tricolor, ssp (sub-species) arvensis.
Family violaceae

In Midsummer Night's Dream, it was the juice of this plant which Oberon squeezed into Titania's eyes to make her fall in love with Bottom, and it is commonly associated with love. In the traditional Language of Flowers, purple signifies memories; white, loving thoughts; yellow, souvenirs. Hence Heartsease was a plant received in happy memories to ease the heartbreak of separation.

Pansy may be derived from the French pensee - thoughts or memories.

There are quite a number of complaints which herbals say can be treated by this pretty litte plant, but to my mind there are plenty of other herbs which could be used instead so I just grow it because it looks nice.

One of the herbal uses is in the treatment of excema, and interestingly, the homoeopathic preparation 'Viola' is used in cases of childhood excema and impetigo, particularly where there is much itching and oozing of pus. (Sounds lovely)!!

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