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Bright Blessings! I am Robin O' The Wood! Welcome to my World!

Robin sang sweetly
When the days were bright.
"Thanks! Thanks for Summer!"
He sang with all his might.

Robin sang sweetly
In the autumn days.
"There are fruits for everyone;
Let all give praise!"

In cold and wintry weather
Still hear his song.
"Somebody must sing," said Robin,
"Or Winter will seem long."

When the Spring came back again
He sang,"I told you so!
Keep on singing through the Winter,
It will always go!"

(author unknown)

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Wychwood is ever-grateful to Brigid and Diarmid for the photos and knowledge that bring the Sacred Wood to life!

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The Song of Amergin
as found in The White Goddess

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I am a Stag: of seven tines
ogham.beth.gif (110 bytes) B Beth Birch
I am a Flood: across a plain ogham.luis.gif (125 bytes) L Luis Rowan
I am a Wind: upon the waves ogham.nion.gif (137 bytes) N Nion Ash
I am a Tear: the sun lets fall ogham.fearn.gif (148 bytes) F Fearn Alder
I am a Hawk: above the cliff ogham.saille.gif (158 bytes) S Saille Willow
I am a Wonder: among flowers ogham.huath.gif (119 bytes) H Huath Hawthorn
I am a Wizard: who but I sets the cool head aflame? ogham.duir.gif (134 bytes) D Duir Oak
I am a Spear: that roars for blood ogham.tinne.gif (142 bytes) T Tinne Holly
I am a Salmon: in a pool ogham.coll.gif (150 bytes) C Coll Hazel
I am a Lure: from Paradise ogham.quert.gif (157 bytes) (CC) Q Quert Apple
I am a Hill: where poets walk ogham.muin.gif (139 bytes) M Muin Vine
I am a Boar: ruthless and red ogham.gort.gif (151 bytes) G Gort Ivy
I am a Breaker: threatening doom ogham.ngetal.gif (172 bytes) Ng Ngetal Reed
I am a Thorn: beneath the nail ogham.straif.gif (182 bytes) (SS) Z Straif Blackthorn
I am a Tide: that drags to death ogham.ruis.gif (189 bytes) R Ruis Elder
I am an Infant: who but I peeps from the unhewn dolman arch? (II) Y/J Mistletoe
I am the Womb: of every holt ogham.ailm.gif (138 bytes) A Ailm Silver Fir
I am the Blaze: on every hill ogham.onn.gif (156 bytes) O Onn Furze
I am the Queen: of every hive ogham.ur.gif (172 bytes) U Ur Heather
I am the Shield: for every head ogham.eadha.gif (182 bytes) E Eadha White Popler
I am the tomb: of every hope ogham.idho.gif (186 bytes) I Idho Yew

For information about the Trees, their botanical nature and their
Celtic correspondences, visit the excellent Celtic Ogham site.

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Recitation from the finger-tips
Dichetal do Chennaib (as reconstructed by Robert Graves)

Tree powers, finger tips,
First pentad of the four,
Discover all your poet asks,
Drumming on his brow.

Birch peg, throbbing thumb,
By power of divination,
Birch bring him news of love,
Loud the heart knocks.

Rowan rod, forefinger,
By power of divination,
unriddle him a riddle,
The key's cast away.

Ash, middle finger,
By power of divination,
Weatherwise, fool otherwise,
Mete him out the winds.

Alder, psychic finger,
By power of divination,
Diagnose all maladies
Of a doubtful mind.

Willow wand, ear finger,
By power of divination,
Force confessions from the mouth,
Of a mouldering corpse.

Finger-ends, five twigs,
Trees, true-divining trees,
Discover all your poet asks,
Drumming on his brow.

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