The Artist's Tower
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Welcome to the Tower!

Meet James, formerly known as the, "Cyberwitch of Wychwood." Without his Magick, Wychwood would not have been made manifest! Blessings upon you, James, and may your spirit paint with the colors of the winds.

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The residents of the Castle listed below each contributed ingredients to the spell: Some special contributions were made by Brigid and Diarmid and by Nimue, Erilar and Joeline.

In addition, thanks go to many others.

rococcoButton.gif (2714 bytes) Brigid and Diarmid, who took all the photos in Brigid's Garden and The Sacred Wood, as well as an abundance of the photos of the Sacred Sites.
rococcoButton.gif (2714 bytes) Cyberwitch, who contributed photos and Web Wizardry to Wychwood.
rococcoButton.gif (2714 bytes) John Harper, for bringing his art work, along with his expertise to the Observatory.
rococcoButton.gif (2714 bytes) Curtis Clarke for the information in the Wood.
rococcoButton.gif (2714 bytes) S. Andrew Schulman of Yesterday's Roses, for some of the photos in the Rose Garden.
rococcoButton.gif (2714 bytes) Various members of Coven Ashesh Hekat, who took the personal photos of the members
rococcoButton.gif (2714 bytes) Robin Wood for still and animated graphics. Robin Wood Graphics
rococcoButton.gif (2714 bytes) NWJ Designs for the Hedgehog in the Wood
rococcoButton.gif (2714 bytes) Lorraine MacDonald 'Celtic Totem Animals', 1992
Dalriada  Publications
rococcoButton.gif (2714 bytes) David Griffiths for the Lake applet.

And a special thanks to Moyra (our Interior Decorator) whose Web Jewels are to be found throughout the Castle, turning Wychwood into something very special, indeed! Thanks, Moyra!

All the art work and photos in the Castle are under copyright to the artist or photographer. Do not use without permission! Contact Tyr if you don't know who is responsible for something!!! If you steal someone's art, you are stealing their Magick and The Law of Three definitely applies!!

Wychwood is the brain-child of Tyr and Sequanah.  Without their vision, dedication and (sometimes overwhelming) enthusiasm, this site would not have been possible.

If you would like to e-mail any of the Castle residents, here are their addresses:

Brigid or Diarmid
Sylvanus or Lakshmi
Joeline Webber
John Harper
Curtis Clarke
Webmaster Interim




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