Wychwood - A Castle Between the Worlds

Wychwood Castle
"The swan represents the divine intermediary between this world and the world of the Goddess, the Otherworld. It also represents the inner light of the spirit. As the swan wings its' way homeward, so, too, does our spirit throughout its' journeying seek to return home to the Source."
- Lorraine MacDonald

Welcome!  You are about to cross the threshold into Wychwood, the Castle that rests Between the Worlds. Wychwood is the Internet home of Coven Ashesh Hekat (U.S.) and their friends, Brigid and Diarmid, Lady and Lord of The Plant Bran (U.K.)   Some of the Castle residents are members of the Coven Ashesh Hekat. Others are dear friends and companions, whose unique personalities and interests help to make the Castle a special place. All are Children of the Lord and Lady. Explore the Castle and find its' treasures.

The Temple contains knowledge of The Old Craft, the religion of the inhabitants. There, you may learn more about the Old Gods and Goddesses and their rites and celebrations. Relax in the Library and see what books are recommended in the Castle. Explore the Gardens or walk through the Sacred Woods and come to know more about the Sacred Trees. Travel the paths to the old Sacred Sites. Return to childhood for a moment in the Nursery, where you will find rhymes and stories to delight you. Enjoy a visit to the Observatory, to increase your knowledge of Astronomy and the Night Sky. The Castle Kitchen offers culinary delights to enhance your own celebrations. In the Lodge, meet the Magicians and learn about the ways of Ceremonial Magick. Visit the Artist Tower and Living Quarters to learn more about the residents and about Coven Ashesh Hekat and The House of Bran.

Visit the neighboring Village, browse in the Village Store, or explore the Paths that will lead to other interesting Sites. Enter the Wise Woman's Cottage and learn more of the 'Old Ways'. Wychwood is a place Between the Worlds and the possibilities are limitless! It is an evolving world, so should you find a door closed during this visit, try it again when you return. New treasures are always finding their way into the Castle, so expect surprises from time to time!

When you leave, it is our wish that you feel our hospitality made your day a little brighter and that your place at our hearth warmed your heart!  Blessed Be!

Cross the threshold and enter!

This site is dedicated to Sandy,
who was High Priestess
of Coven Ashesh Hekat for 13 years,
until a tragic accident took her from us.

It was her driving force and enthusiasm
which was the inspiration for bringing
Wychwood into being.

Sandy, we remember you with love.

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